Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A little bit of sunshine

A little bit of sunshine.

This is a simple and easy pattern. It can be your first blanket... It was mine. The colors are your decision i just chose yellow and white because i didn't know what my mom was gonna was a boy.It was made when he was 14 weeks old and it was perfect for his size then and now he is off the charts for his length and it is still good for him . The dimensions are approx. 36x36
2 Skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn (Yellow)
2 Skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn (White)
Color A= White
Color B= Yellow
CO 120 stitches
Row 1-3 Garter or seed stitch (this prevents some curling)
Row 4 K3(or Seed St)P114, K3
Row 5 Knit all
Row 6 Repeat row 4
Row 7 (RS) Join color B
Continue Rows 4 and 5. Every 6 rows switch colors (RS)
Continue until the blanket measures about 34 inches then...
Knit 3 Rows
Bind off Knit wise.I made a matching bib but unfortunately i lost the pattern so I'm sorry.


Meagan said...
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whitt said...

hi, this is so beautiful and i wont to make it. i am 14 and i can only make scarfs. i wont to make a blanket like this and send it to my baby cousin this will be her first christmas and i wont to give her something special. i do not understand your instructions at all. any help?

Leah said...

What talent you have! I love the blanket, the yellow and white make for a cheery combination :]

Keep it up!

Katie said...

What size of needles did you use?? I want to make this blanket, but I don't see the needle size. Thanks! (if you want to email me or whatever)

medivac said...

I agree with the above poster-what size needles did you use? Do you remember the gauge? thanks so much!

Shani said...

hey ladies,
I'm not the maker of this pattern, but I know that when using baby yarn one should knitting needles size 2-3 mm you can check and see what size is good for the wool you have by checking the wrapping around your skein of yarn. This is a pretty and simple pattern, but provides a good base to making a blankie, so just follow her instructions once you have the yarn you would like to do.
:) have fun guys!

Designs by Hayley said...

hey guys! i made this blanket but i started a new site and kinda forgot about this one, SORRY! I used size 10US needles. new site...again!

Nails by Melinda said...

Very cute! I am making a baby blanket for a friend right now that is checkered but after I finish that one I think I will give this cute one a try! Great job =0)