Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A little bit of sunshine

A little bit of sunshine.

This is a simple and easy pattern. It can be your first blanket... It was mine. The colors are your decision i just chose yellow and white because i didn't know what my mom was gonna was a boy.It was made when he was 14 weeks old and it was perfect for his size then and now he is off the charts for his length and it is still good for him . The dimensions are approx. 36x36
2 Skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn (Yellow)
2 Skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn (White)
Color A= White
Color B= Yellow
CO 120 stitches
Row 1-3 Garter or seed stitch (this prevents some curling)
Row 4 K3(or Seed St)P114, K3
Row 5 Knit all
Row 6 Repeat row 4
Row 7 (RS) Join color B
Continue Rows 4 and 5. Every 6 rows switch colors (RS)
Continue until the blanket measures about 34 inches then...
Knit 3 Rows
Bind off Knit wise.I made a matching bib but unfortunately i lost the pattern so I'm sorry.

spring fusion handbag

Yarn: 1 skien each of Red Heart Pumpkin color:0254 & Red Heart Rose pink
Needles: 10 1/2 and 13Color A: pumpkin (orange)Color B: light raspberry*NOTES* switch colors every 8 rows.!very important!
(using smaller needles) CO 28 sts
Row 1: K4,P2,K4,P2,K4,P2,K4,P2,K4
Row 2: p4,k2,p4,k2,p4,k2,p4,k2,p4
Continue rows 1 & 2 until you have a total of 8 rows.
Row 9(RS):K10,BO8,k10
(switch to larger needles)
Row 10: p10,co8,p10
Row 11: knit
Row 12:purl
continue knitting rows 11 & 12 until your handbag is desired length. (Mine was 8 stripes.)When desired length....Row 1:K10,BO8,K10SWITCH TO SMALLER NEEDLESRow 2: P4,K2,P4,CO8,P4,K2,P4Row 3:K4,P2,K4,P2,K4,P2,K4,P2,K4Row 4:p4,k2,p4,k2,p4,k2,p4,k2,p4REPEAT ROWS 3&4 EACH 2 MORE TIMES THEN YOU WILL HAVE 8 ROWS. BIND OFF LOOSELY AND SEAM INSIDE OUT.

The art of knitting

Knitting is my passion and I dream of owning a yarn store.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moss Blanket

The name of the blanket is "moss blanket" it is really easy to make and it is as soft as clouds.

Weird as it may sound it is a baby blanket. I was asked to knit this for my friends friend and no...I didnt pick out this yarn.


Yarn: 2 skeins of Red Heart Plush light sage

Needles: Size 10 1/2

Gauge: I have never checked the gauge because i dont think it matters.


Co 90sts

STEP 1: Rows 1-21:knit

STEP 2: Row 22(WS): K15,P60,K15
Row 23(RS):knit
Continue rows 22-23 until you have a total of 20 rows
after that...
Knit rows 1-21 and keep switching until blanket is desired length ending with knitting 21 rows(garter stitch)

If patterns is not descriptive enough dont hesitate to tell me.

Yarnover Knits

Welcome to Yarnover Knits or YO Knits. I do not currently have any patterns yet but I will ASAP. However if you go to KPC
you will find a ton of free knitting patterns. Patterns...COMING SOON!