Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moss Blanket

The name of the blanket is "moss blanket" it is really easy to make and it is as soft as clouds.

Weird as it may sound it is a baby blanket. I was asked to knit this for my friends friend and no...I didnt pick out this yarn.


Yarn: 2 skeins of Red Heart Plush light sage

Needles: Size 10 1/2

Gauge: I have never checked the gauge because i dont think it matters.


Co 90sts

STEP 1: Rows 1-21:knit

STEP 2: Row 22(WS): K15,P60,K15
Row 23(RS):knit
Continue rows 22-23 until you have a total of 20 rows
after that...
Knit rows 1-21 and keep switching until blanket is desired length ending with knitting 21 rows(garter stitch)

If patterns is not descriptive enough dont hesitate to tell me.


Alison said...

Hayley, this is a beautiful blanket - thanks for posting the pattern! I would love to make something like this as a gift (if you don't mind me using your pattern), but I'm wondering what the finished size is. Thanks!!

Alison said...

36x36. Thanks!! :)

arlene castillo said...

hello, i cannot believe you're only 13!! you have true talent and i really hope you do get to go to paris and achieve all of your dreams. i'm 27 and just started knitting literally a week ago and i love it, it was a little frustrating at first and i didn't think i was going to get it; but i did, the basic technique anyway; LOL. i've only been making little samples to practice and just decided i wanted to tackle a project, this blanket is so beautiful and sound pretty easy to make, i think i'm going to give it a shot, wish me luck.